PCB Edge Processing Unit

Capacity of the currently working unit 20 tons/day/20 hours.
Recovering ratio at 20 tons: 5-6 tons copper shreds which includes 0,5- 1 tons of copper dust, – the rest is Glass fiber/ dust and plastic.
Notice: 100% of copper shreds can be turned into copper dust
Space needed for the recycling unit: 30mX60m closed workshop, minimum 6 meters of headroom, plus storage depending on capacity.
Required amount of electricity for the unit: 750kW/h
Closed working unit with using PLC system. Automatic until fractions are made.
Time of manufacturing: 120 days + 30 days, fitting and testing.

Warranty: Factory engines: all-time warranty.
Wearing parts: depending on usage and maintenance.
Maintenance: Maintenance can only be executed by Replast System specialists or agreed partners.



Replast System representation technology is not for sale, we are only looking for partners for joint operation.